Questions about ToggleGreen (FAQ)

What’s with the name ToggleGreen?

On our site you’ll use a toggle switch to alert recruiters and hiring managers whether you are looking for a job. Red means you aren’t looking at all. Yellow means you are open to new ventures. If you’re all in, sick of your job and ready for new opportunities, then just toggle green. That’s our name, and we’re sticking to it.

How will ToggleGreen take the hassle out of my job search?

You won’t be emailed or called when you aren’t looking for work, only when you’re ready to look for work. Recruiters and hiring managers can save your profile in a bucket for reference, and they’ll be notified when your status changes. Now your job search is truly hassle-free.

How will this affect my relationship with recruiters?

ToggleGreen’s core goal: simplify and make your job search more efficient. Currently there is no avenue between job-seekers, recruiters and hiring authorities. That’s where we come in. Recruiters and hiring managers will just know if you are on the market. If you’re green, they’ll be able to contact you. If you are yellow, we’ll remove some of your info, like your last name, and only allow them to contact you if the position they are trying to fill matches your top 5 skills. If you are red, they can’t contact you and your profile is shown to them as minimal.

How is ToggleGreen different than any other job board?

Quite frankly, we’re not a job board, we’re more. Sorry if that’s cliché, but it’s true. We let recruiters know when you’re looking, giving you the privacy and space that other job resources don’t offer. If you’re happy at your gig, or you still have 3 months left on your contract, go red. If you’re close to rolling off or are interested in the market, go yellow. If your contract is up next month or you can’t stand your job and are ready for a change, ToggleGreen. You control the process.

Why should I create yet another online profile?

In an online world where we have a profile for every site we visit, isn’t it time you had a profile that actually did something for you? A ToggleGreen profile will allow you to only be contacted by recruiters and hiring managers when you want them to. Recruiters use ToggleGreen too, and as much as it seems like it sometimes, they don’t enjoy wasting their time bothering people who aren’t looking for a gig.

Will my boss and colleagues find out I’m looking?

At ToggleGreen, we get that your job search isn’t something you want to share with those you work with. When recruiters and hiring managers search for potential candidates, we filter out employees who already work for that company. This way your employer doesn’t find out, and you don’t have to have that awkward conversation with HR asking why you’re unhappy.

Why can’t I see my colleagues profiles?

Common sense. You don’t want your colleagues viewing your profile, neither should you see theirs. We value your privacy as much as you do.

Why should I sign up?

For candidates, ToggleGreen makes it much easier to find your next gig. Recruiters and hiring managers can refine their searches for faster placement – everyone wins.

How much will this cost me?

For job seekers, it’s free, and it always will be.

If you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, select early adopters’ accounts will be free. Once the site goes 100%  open to the recruiting and hiring public, recruiters and hiring mangers can inquire about subscriptions.

When can I create my profile?

If you’re in Minnesota and are an IT or Creative professional, you can expect to get an invitation to sign up in the near future. If you are outside of Minnesota or outside of the IT or Creative industry, we’ll contact you when things change. Either way join our waiting list and we’ll keep you up to speed.

How long will it take to create my profile?

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, it will take no more than 3 minutes. Just log in to ToggleGreen using the LinkedIn option and we’ll do the rest. Don’t worry, we don’t save that login information.
If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile it will take about 5 minutes.

Why is ToggleGreen only available for Minnesota?

Since we live in Minnesota and we have to deal with sub-arctic temperatures and subpar sports teams, we deserve something cool for once, why not? You Non-Minnesotans-not to worry. If you sign up on our waiting list and let us know where you’re from, we’ll keep a tally and let you know when you can join.

Why is ToggleGreen only available for IT and Creative?

As a team of IT and Creative pros, we know how the process works and why a tool like this is needed so badly. We’ll roll out to other professions soon. If you’re not in IT or Creative, we encourage you sign up on our waiting list and we’ll make you aware of when you can start toggling. It’s just a matter of time.